Ridge-Bay Washers has a long and passionate history within the industry and the current business structure formed by the merging of two of Melbourne’s leading washer businesses, gives us that competitive edge.


The merger of Ridge-Bay Washers with Manson Engineering on 1st January 2011, created an expanded business and product range that gave our customers the benefit of both the existing businesses. The new business, operating as Ridge-Bay Washers from their premises at 7 Kennedy Place, Bacchus Marsh has expanded considerably since the merger and now provides customers with the best of both worlds.  The full range of Australian and British Standard washers are imported to give customers better pricing and a competitive edge and for those needing a specialty size we have a huge array of custom made tooling to produce on-site almost any size imaginable.


The two businesses have a combined life of more than 70 years, making us not only one of the oldest washer manufacturers in the industry, but now also one of the largest. We pride ourselves in our service and our products, and with such a rich history behind us, we have a lot to live up to. Ridge-Bay Washers is an Australian owned family business, and keeping customers happy with good service and friendly staff is a huge priority to us.





The product range of the business includes round, square, structural and tapered washers as well as a selection of tower, mudguard, shim and spring washers. But that’s not all, Ridge-Bay Washers also stocks and manufactures a range bolts, nuts, stamped plates, threaded rod, brackets, handles, chair legs and other precision engineered products. So, why not give us a call next time you need something made, we are always happy to help.




The expanded business now also provides customers with a more comprehensive service including-


-          Larger stockholding

-          Wider product range

-          Increased manufacturing capacity

-          Enhanced communications

-          Faster ordering procedures